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Power Rangers! Black Power Rangers! Black

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Cute Explosion Cute Explosion

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Quadruple rainbow.

Just Brilliant. LOL.

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anime munters anime munters

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good stuff! good stuff! :)

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clockwork :: EX-EVO clockwork :: EX-EVO

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Not bad at all. I love the pianos. It has a certain 'feel' to it. and I love how all of the melodies support each other. I'm happy listening to this so your friend might too. :p Keep it up!

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DJ-Sparky responds:

Usually my gifts are better than my actual spur of the moment music, or project music. I just seem to work harder when I gift or collaborate is all. I had another version to this, and it was worse ;-; anyways, thanks for the comment! And i'll be sure to keep on tryin' to improve.

xKore - Hello (Prev) xKore - Hello (Prev)

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Congratulations w/ getting on the UKF! It's not a surprise to me that you've gone this far. You have proven to the other Newgrounders that you can achieve this. You should be proud of yourself. Keep it up and don't stop! I've been supporting you for a very long time ;-)

ShakeStopper ShakeStopper

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More to complextro IMO. Great job in making this! Make more!